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6 performances, 2 locations, 1 spectacular festival
bring culture & heritage together through music.

Kwarta Tajba is a brand new artistic festival, organised by the Southern Region Council of Malta. The first edition of Kwarta Tajba will be held across two different sites in Ħaż-Żebbuġ.

We invite you to join us and enjoy an innovative spectacle featuring six unique performances whilst roaming around the beautiful city of Ħaż-Żebbuġ. Guests will have the opportunity to explore the city’s heritage in between each performance.




Friday 27th and
Saturday 28th August


20:30 onwards


Kburija Maltija


When the Maltese found themselves helpless and faithless after the second world war, all they had was each other. As a community and family, they had to have each other’s back to gain their strength and bring their economy back on track and somehow forget the destructive period that struck the island. This past event left doubt of why they had to fight a war that was not theirs. Years passed, and the question was still echoing in their head, but an answer was never given. Somehow, they had to accept to live under British abiding laws. However, when you impose on others, there will be repercussions. The mass will put their feet down and will say, enough is enough. This patriotic act caused havoc and brought back hope and faith. This historic act took place on the 25th of March 1945, when a football match was organised between Malta and Yugoslavia. On that day, the British anthem played, but an unpredicted event occurred when the Maltese people stood up and screamed and sang The Maltese Anthem in unison. This event inspired Leaders to change their views, poets through their art, and This Ensemble to bring this Historic event to you.

Artistic Team:

Being Creative All Together: Almikaya Aquilina, Chanelle Avellino, Mireille Avellino, Matteo Calleja Tonna, Kylie Caruana, Ishmael Galea, Kellyanne Spiteri, Michela Spiteri, Giulia Vella Micallef and Lille Xerxen.

Director: Josue Formosa
Lyrics and Music: Vince Fabri
Script: Being Creative All Together in collaboration with Chiara Hyzler.
Set: Natalino Formosa
Producer: Being Creative All Together



MEL’ISMA’ is a multi-disciplinary project, in which the audience will experience the outlook from a female adolescent point of view. On the way the village life and surroundings help, in reflecting about life. Female artists will perform during this musical-theatrical project, complementing one another and engaging the audience in numerous ways.

Artistic Team:

Flutist: Nicole Spiteri
French Horn: Isabella Borg
Saxophonist: Christine Vella
Clarinettist: Jessica Ellul
Narrator & Actor: Sabrina Sacco
Script: Dr Anton John Mifsud
Producer & Composer: Daniel Vella

Tinsiex li Neżisti | Song Cycle


The song cycle ‘Tinsiex li Neżisti’ is an artistic project which combines original music, poetry, dramatic prose, movement, painting and the participation of the audience. A wind and percussion ensemble, female voice, movement and three actors, chosen from the audience will be the protagonists of this project. The aim of the song cycle ‘Tinsiex li Neżisti’ is to trigger some questions about the way one lives, which can sometimes create sentimental and psychological sufferings on us as adults and on our children. It seems that the twentieth-century concept of the philosophy of existentialism, very much supported by Jean-Paul Sartre is rapidly gaining ground. This concept of forcefully claiming ‘my divine right to be myself’ is shown to be in sharp contrast with the lack of respect for the rights of others. Unfortunately, the latter is so evidently manifested in today’s life.

For this song cycle the three poems used are ‘Sentiment’ (1979), ‘Iż-Żifna’ (1983) and ‘Anja-Bint binti Lara’ (2010). All these poems are written by Philip Sciberras, one of the Maltese acclaimed poets who published poems books ‘Priżmi’ (1968), ‘Dawl fil- Persjana’ (1972), ‘Mandala’ (1984) and ‘Mirja’ (2014). The music is composed by Hermann Farrugia Frantz who is a composer of sacred, liturgical and profane music.

Artistic Team:

William Debattista, clarinet
Joseph Vella, alto saxophone
Christopher Spiteri, tuba
Julia Miller, piano
Jean Pierre Cassar, percussion
Francesca Aquilina, voice

Pats Spiteri, pittriċi
Jonathan Tonna, jiena….jien
Jurgen Ciantar, int
Sarah Camilleri, intom – żeffiena
Duncan Azzopardi, intom – żeffien

Ronald Saliba, rakkont
Philip Sciberras, poeżija

Hermann Farrugia Frantz, kompożitur
Production:12th May Band & Social Club (1961)




‘EMMNA’ is a 15-minute creative representation that consists of various aspects of our faith and beliefs as Maltese. The participants included will give tribute to our national poet, Dun Karm Psaila, through a number of his poems. This will be executed by a 12-piece band, directed by Mro Richard Bugeja. The poems chosen are: Tislima lil Poeta; Nazzjonali; L-Għanja tar-Rebħa; Lil Dun Mikiel Xerri; Lil Malta; Lil Ħaż-Żebbuġ Raħal Twelidi; Lil Mikiel Anton Vassalli u 1921 – Lil Ħuti Maltin nhar il-Kostituzzjoni. Accompanying the band will be the actor Joe Cortis, who will be doing a dramatic reading of some of these poems, and others will be sung by the well-known singer Rita Pace. The dancer Martina Zammit will also be performing throughout the performance.


Mario Mifsud
Noelle Borg
Joseph Grech
Stephanie Gauci
Christian Gauci
Francesco Musù
Eric Galea
Lambert Zammit
Nadia Zammit Vella Clark
Christian Balzan
Lino Pace
Kelsey Calleja

Voice: Rita Pace
Actor: Joe Cortis
Dancer: Martina Zammit
Script Writer: Brian Bonnici
Composer & Conductor: Richard Bugeja
Production: Għaqda Każin Banda San Filep

The ‘Fleshbot Prison’


The past year has been devastating for artists in general with the entertainment business being one of the worst-hit and practically all artistic activities brought to a halt. The ‘Fleshbot Prison’ project addresses the artist’s plight as well as the overall human mental state, shared experiences and trials of the pandemic crisis through song, poetry/spoken word set to alternative rock music. The themes explored will be those of isolation, depression, confinement, death, the artist’s struggle, disappointment and anger. The piece ends in a culmination of sheer will, hope and perseverance for recovery and a much better future.

Artistic Team:

Lead Guitarist: Simon Cutajar
Backup Singer & Rhythm Guitarist: Edward Mifsud
Bassist: Alan Degabriele
Drummer: Adam Cutajar

All original songs and poetry written and performed by Chellcy Reitsma with original compositions by the Chellcy Reitsma Band members.

Producer: Chellcy Reitsma

TaraTata | Kwarta Vjaġġ


TaraTata – kwarta vjaġġ, is a musical concept gig, performed by the local band Manatapu. The theme revolves around fighting a battle to survive, which abstractly reflects the situation we are in. All the songs were written during 2020/2021, and are obviously inspired by the strange times of the pandemic. The storyline speaks about a man ‘Rastaccun’ who is lost in a very confusing world. He discovers and learns the secrets of how to live free and fight against the struggles of life.


Ryan Abela (Drums)
Dario Vella Catalano (Guitar)
Nick Morales (Guitar)
James Saliba (Bass)
Alex (Trumpet / keys)
Tete (vocals)
Pupachile (vocals)
Luca (Saxaphone)

Producer: Manatapu

Production Team | Kwarta Tajba 2021

Southern Regional Council: Jesmond Aquilina, Philip Carabott, Maria Aquilina & Tiffany Abela
Ħaż-Żebbuġ Local Council: Dr Malcolm Paul Agius Galea, Mark Camilleri & Philip Edrick Zammit
Festival & Artistic Director: Justin Formosa
Logistics Manager: Martin Gauci
Site Coordinators: Daryl Ebejer & Lara Darmanin

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