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Good Friday Conference – Salt Drawings

March 23, 2023

The second interview during this year’s conference that was held at Bottega San Giorgio in Qormi was the Marsa Pageant Group.  A representative from this group explained to people attending the conference that the Marsa Pageant Group organises the Marsa Pageant in the streets of Marsa.  Apart from this Pageant, the group organises a very well sought after, yearly exhibition of plate salt drawings.  These salt drawings are unique as they do not use semolina as part of the process but are formed by using pure fine salt.  The group, however makes use of different seeds, legumes, and small pasta that are found on the market to create such works of art. 

These work of art difer in complexity and size but all make use of a very fine table salt which is only mixed with pure colours.  As soon as the Christmas festivities are over, the Marsa Pageant Group starts to work on the exhibition concept and artifacts.  In fact some of these artifacts take weeks to be ready with a lot of technique and patience from the artists creating them. 

This year’s exhibition ‘Vita Christi’ will be open for visits as of the 5th of April 2023 at Marija Regina Hall, Triq Dun Nerik Mizzi, Marsa.  

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Sejħa Għall-Applikazzjoni / Call For Application

Sejħa Għall-Applikazzjoni / Call For Application

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