About Us

Malta is subdivided into 5 regions. The Regional Level of Government is relatively young as a system of governance in Malta. Five Regional Committees were established and set-up through the amendment of the Local Councils Act in 2009 which establishing the Southern (Nofsinhar) Regional Committee as one of the 5 Regions of the Maltese Islands (Article 37A(1) of the Local Council Act).

The functions of the Regional Committees are established by the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government in the form of regulations following consultation with the Local Councils Association. The five regional committees were up and running in 2011.

Each region has a Regional Committee, which consists of a Regional President, a Vice President, an Executive Secretary and between 10 and 14 members.

Regjun Nofsinhar is composed of fourteen Local Councils – Hal Qormi, Haz-Zebbug, Is-Siggiewi, Birzebbuga, Il-Gudja, Hal Ghaxaq, Il-Hamrun, Hal Kirkop, Hal Luqa, L-Imqabba, Il-Qrendi, Hal Safi, Santa Lucija, Iz-Zurrieq.

The Regional committee is composed by the mayor of each locality. The committee is presided by the President Mr. Jesmond Aquilina. Mr. Frederick Cutajar occupies the post of Vice President. Ms. Claudette Abela Baldacchino served as the first Regional President between 2011 and 2013.

The Administration Office of the Southern Region is situated in Hal Qormi. The Regional Tribunal is part of the administration building.


The Regional Committees have the following competences (Article 19 of the Regional Committees Regulations) :
Maintenance of street lighting
Managing Local Tribunals
Working closely with the Local Enforcement System Agency
Organisation of cultural activities
Protection of the environment
Delegated functions by the central government
Providing for all other work not excluded from a Council’s competence by law or assigned to another authority

The Team


Mr Jesmond Aquilina


Ms Claudette Baldacchino

First Regional President

Mr David Michael Schembri

Deputy President

Mr Philip Carabott

Executive Secretary

Ms Marisa Ciappara


Ms Dulcie Gauci

Deputy Executive Secretary / Registrar

Ms Ruth Galea

Deputy Registrar

Ms Maria Aquilina

Assistant Principal

Mr Kevin Magri

Clerk / Customer Care

The current Southern Regional Committee

Office Officeholder
President Jesmond Aquilina
Deputy President David Michael Schembri
Darren Abela (Ħal Għaxaq)
Dr Kurtsein Sant (Is-Siġġiewi)
Christian Sammut (Il-Ħamrun)
Charmaine St. John (Santa Luċija)
Dr Marija Sara Vella (Il-Gudja)
Johan Mula (Ħal Safi)
Renald Falzon (Ħal Qormi)
Rita Grima (Iż-Żurrieq)
Joseph Farrugia (Birżebbuġa)
Dr Malcolm Paul Galea (Ħaż-Żebbuġ)
David Michael Schembri (Il-Qrendi)
John Schembri (Ħal Luqa)
Omar Farrugia (L-Imqabba)
 Executive Secretary Philip Carabott