Conference on Good Friday Heritage

March 1, 2023

During a short meeting last year, the Southern Regional Council recognised the huge cultural history, love, and passion for the cult of Good Friday and Easter week. For this reason, it was decided that this matter is further researched and it is here that the idea of an informative Good Friday conference was initiated. The idea was that throughout they years, different topics would be explored and discussed.

For the first conference, the topic chosen was A Cultural Heritage that Unites us. During this conference 6 specific topics were discussed by a panel of experts. These were:

  • Bell Ringing
  • Places of devotion to the passion of Christ
  • Good Friday in the 18th Century in Qormi
  • Good Friday in Zejtun: Yesterday and Today
  • Food during Lent
  • Cultural and Religious Tourism in the Southern Regional Council

So as to create a legacy, and preserve all that was discussed, the Southern Regional Council decided to bind these presentation into a publication. This publication can be obtained from The Southern Regional Council against a donation of Euro10 for the Malta Community Chest Fund. This book can be obtained from The Southern Regional Council offices in Qormi.

This year’s conference is being planned on the 18th of March 2023 at Bottega San Giorgio Qormi. This year as the Southern Region of Culture 2023, the theme chosen will be looking at the different artisans that make up our Easter week and Good Friday heritage and traditions.

Good Friday Conference – Tinsmith

Good Friday Conference – Tinsmith

Our final speaker was Mr Sebastian Aquilina who is one of the last tinsmiths on the island.  Mr Aquilina has inherited this trade from his father and brothers.  A tinsmith is a person who deals with tinware to create day to day objects.  In Malta the...

Good Friday Conference – Lace Making

With Mrs Anna Maria Gatt we spoke about Maltese Lacemaking and its usage during Holy Week celebrations.  Maltese Lace is distinguished by the term ‘Bizzilla’. This particular craft flourished in Malta towards the middle of the 17th century.  Genoese lace...

Good Friday Conference – Salt Drawings

Good Friday Conference – Salt Drawings

The second interview during this year’s conference that was held at Bottega San Giorgio in Qormi was the Marsa Pageant Group.  A representative from this group explained to people attending the conference that the Marsa Pageant Group organises the Marsa Pageant...