Our Community Events
Culture can be a catalyst for change, empower well-being and foster community values. We shall seek to empower the communities within our region to discover their cultural landscapes, acknowledge their histories and aspire to better futures through culture.

These are some of the highlights from this year’s region of culture calendar of events.

Luqa – Niskopru Ħal Luqa

This locality is known for its strategic location which was also the reason for the destruction it experienced first hand during the second world war. This community event shall promote accessibility to the locality’s tangible and intangible heritage that has survived since then. It shall also promote safe spaces for the community to explore and engage with its heritage.

Marsascala – Inklużjoni f’Marsaskala

Originally a fishing village, this locality has developed into a tourism destination with a multicultural community including a broad range of nationalities. This community event shall foster inclusivity and explore diversity by featuring different groups of people and communities showcasing their native culture and traditions. People from different nationalities shall present their national dance in their national costume.

Qormi – Festa tan-Nofsinhar

This historic locality is known for a broad range of traditions and cultural activities, particularly those related to the religious calendar. Its two village festas are amongst the most popular on the island. This community event shall seek to promote the broad range of culture participation manifested in the traditional arts and crafts that go with the village festa and which are still practiced today.

Santa Venera – Wignacourt u Santa Venera

This locality is known for its aqueduct built by Grandmaster Alof de Wignacourt in the early seventeenth century to bring water to Valletta. This community event shall seek to underline the importance of water as a resource for better futures and how culture can contribute to fostering awareness.

Birżebbuġia – Tiġrija fil-Baħar

This locality is best known for Malta’s freeport terminal but was originally a quaint fishing village with a small community that would gradually increase during the summer months. This community event shall bring back to life a traditional boat race that used to happen on the occasion of the village festa. It shall include water sports, water racing events as well as exhibitions of artifacts and objects related to Birzebbugia’s maritime culture and history.