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Special Editions of the Region’s Yearly Events

Ours is a very active region that is host to a number of cultural manifestations that are by now well established in our cultural calendar. This year’s edition of these events shall be inspired and informed by the vision and ambition of the Region of Culture title. 

These are some of the highlights  from this year’s region of culture calendar of events.

Żejtun – Żejt iż-Żejtun

Żejtun takes its name from the olive, Żejtuna in Arabic, and was once rich in olive groves. This annual festival celebrates the olive picking season and olive pressing. It seeks to celebrate the rich history of this locality including heritage trails and performances happening around Żejtun and its rich cultural landscape.

Gudja – Birmiftuħ Spring Festival

The old parish church of Gudja, known as Santa Marija ta’ Bir Miftuħ, hosts the annual Bir Miftuh Music Festival. This historic building is one of the cultural attractions within the region hosting concerts and other cultural events.

Birzebbuga – L-Imnarja fil-Pjazza

The traditional feast of Saints Peter and Paul, known as L-Imnarja, is one of Malta’s national feasts. It so happens that Birżebbugia is the only parish dedicated to St Peter. This traditional feast is held annually in Birżebbuġia’s main square and features folk dancing and traditional song known as għana.