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Supporting projects and events within our region
Throughout this special year we shall also be supporting a choice of cultural events happening within the region. Some of these shall be launched during this year for the first time. Others complement long-established events happening within our region.

These are some of the highlights from this year’s region of culture calendar of events.

Għaxaq – Karnival tat-Tfal

The Għaxaq spontaneous carnival is a historic community event happening from year to year. The Region shall support the participation of the region’s school population in a special event purposely organized for them. Students shall also be taking part wearing costumes of their own making.

Malta International Wine Festival – Winter Edition

This festival shall feature the region’s wine producers and their contribution to the local wine industry and culture. The festival shall also include educational and outreach events informed and inspired by the Mediterranean food trilogy – wine, bread and oil.

Traditional Horse Racing

The Southern Regional Council shall be endorsing the first edition of the Southern Region Local Councils’ Horse Races funded by the Ministry for the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government. 12 horses, each representing one of the 12 local councils within the region, shall be competing in this traditional horse racing event.