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Investing in the Region of Culture Legacy
In this year’s activities and events, we shall strive to sow the right seeds in the right pot as we think long-term about the Region’s identity, its communities and the legacy that it shall seek to consolidate.

These are some of the highlights from this year’s region of culture calendar of events.

Region of Culture Legacy Conference

Towards the end of 2023, we shall be convening a legacy conference to take stock of all the achievements which 2023 holds the promise to deliver and sow the seeds for an increased culture participation in the months and years ahead. The conference shall feature regional and national stakeholders, including research that the region shall be working on in collaboration with national stakeholders.

Il-Ġimgħa Mqaddsa – Wirt komuni li jgħaqqadna

This publication, edited by Professor George Cassar and Dr Noel Buttigieg, shall feature the proceedings of last year’s Good Friday Symposium including papers presented during the event.

Religious heritage – A collection of countryside chapels in the Southern region (e-book)

This e-book shall provide a broad overview of religious cultural heritage architecture within the region.

Our Legacy Book

This project shall seek to document the Region of Culture year for posterity. All documentation collated including that concerning events and cultural activities happening throughout this year shall be bound in book format and presented to the National Archives to safe keep for future generations.