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Justin Formosa - Artistic Director

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Jus Formosa
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35 to 44
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Justin Formosa is an experienced and visionary artistic director, celebrated for his creative leadership spanning a 16-year career in music and community volunteering. With an additional 10 years of experience, as a freelance musician managing his own Street Band project, Justin's breadth of expertise is noteworthy. His unique ability to merge the spheres of the local community and professional artistry creates an environment that not only fosters unique ideas but also promotes new levels of artistic expression.

Over the last decade, Justin has orchestrated music projects and festivals for an impressive portfolio of organisations including Valletta 2018, the Valletta Cultural Agency, Arts Council Malta, Festivals Malta, MCAST ICA, Regjun Nofsinhar, the European Parliament Liaison Office in Malta, SEM, Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation, Tikka Banda, and Tektek Nota among others. Additionally, his time as a production assistant intern at a Dutch opera company and his roles in successful projects like Tikka Banda, Tektek Nota, and Kwarta Tajba highlight his adaptability and artistic breadth.

Challenging traditional stereotypes, Justin is a catalyst who focuses on uncovering and elevating talent within the community. He is committed to pushing the boundaries of the ordinary, using innovative approaches to transform traditional settings into extraordinary experiences.

Justin specialises in site-specific performances and outreach projects, proving that limitations often fuel creativity. His leadership is marked by a collaborative and well-organised approach, inspiring team members to join him in his vision for novelty and innovation.

Justin's academic credentials include an Advanced Diploma in Performing Arts, a Bachelor of Arts in Business Enterprise, and he is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Creativity and Innovation at the University of Malta. His future ambitions involve nurturing artistic expression in rural areas and extending the reach of his innovative programs, thereby fostering a broader integration between local talent and the global artistic community.