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Good Friday Conference – Embroidery

March 24, 2023

The third speaker during the Good Friday conference organised by the Southern Regional Council this year was Mr Daly Haboubi.  Mr Haboubi spoke about the process and different formats of gold embroidery.  Mr Haboubi works with different gold thread with different thicknesses to create works of art mostly used in churches and festas.  To create such artifacts, Mr Haboubi uses different techniques which he creatively assembles together to create a unique picture of the design that he is working on.  The process to create a unique product is very intense and laboursome and requires a great deal of patience. 

This technique in Malta was kept alive by monasteries and nuns who did this work for different churches around the island.  Mr Haboubi learnt this art from his grandmother who used to embroider wedding dresses and other traditional costumes in his home country Tunisia.  The material used is very sensitive and can be altered even by a simple breath.  Hence using the finest materials is a well-guarded secret for a good quality product. 

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Sejħa Għall-Applikazzjoni / Call For Application

Sejħa Għall-Applikazzjoni / Call For Application

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