Seed Paper Token

February 1, 2023

Culture is a like a footprint of human societies which encompasses their social behaviour, beliefs, knowledge,  customs,  and traditions.   This needs to be carefully nourished and cultivated just like a plant needs water to grow and thrive.  Culture needs the involvement of each individual from every locality in our region. It is our duty to safeguard what others have done before us while also build and enhance the new for our present and future. 

This is what we have tried to symbolise when creating the seed paper.  The seed paper is a representation of our cultural journey where we believe it will grow and root even deeper for generations to come. The seed paper is also a message to our future generation teaching them another creative way to better our environment, reduce waste, and reuse used material.  

Apart from all of this, the seed chosen was the poppy seed. The Poppy seed is an indigenous Mediterranean plant that withstood different cultures throughout the years. We firmly believe that the Mediterranean soil helped to enrich this beautiful flower, as we believe our input will cultivate our passion in culture.

Sejħa Għall-Applikazzjoni / Call For Application

Sejħa Għall-Applikazzjoni / Call For Application

UFFIĊĊJAL MANIĠERJALI RESPONSABBLI MILL-WASTE MANAGEMENT / WASTE COORDINATOR MANAGER Jekk jogħġbok Ikklikkja fuq il-link hawn taħt biex tiċċekkja r-Rekwiżiti tax-Xogħol bil-Malti. Malti Għal aktar dettalji dwar id-dmirijiet u rekwiżiti tal-eliġibiltà marbuta ma din...

Jum Dinji taċ-Ċikkulata

Din il-ġurnata żgur mhux forsi hi milquha min bosta u ngħiduha kif inhi, min ma jħobbx iċ-ċikkulata?! Is-7 ta’ Lulju huwa l-jum fejn tiġi  ċċelebrata iċ-ċikkulata. Xi uħud jissuġġerixxu li f’din il-ġurnata ġiet introdotta ċ-ċikkulata fl-Ewropa fl-1550. Din...

Art for Active Ageing

The Southern Regional Council is promoting art through its programme art for active ageing. This project is being held in collaboration with the Ministry for Active Ageing. During this programme, elderly attending the day centres within our localities have the...