Tisjira Xlukkajra

Join us for our upcoming event on 30th June, called ‘Tisjira Xlukkajra’. In this event we will be creating awareness of fish that is still caught in our territorial waters, but since there is no demand for it, it is thrown away back into the seas or kept for the fisherman’s own use. This type of fish is more suitable than other fish, such as Salmon for example, as it reduces the carbon footprint and gives fishermen more financial stability.

These fish such as il-‘Makku’, Ċawl, and mullet were the high-standard food of our elderly. Our ancestors did not dispose away of anything and hence they used to make do with what they had. On the other hand, l-Aljotta, for example, used to be cooked with particular fish, however, nowadays, people use whatever fish they have left or find around them.

The event will highlight traditional and unique Marsaxlokk heritage and will also include literature by Lino Psaila, being read by his son, as well as an interview with his wife.

Date: 30th June 2023
Time: 20:00-23:00
Location: Marsaxlokk Pjazza and Promenade


  • 20:00
    • BBQ by organisations
    • Stage Entertainment
    • Interview with Manuel Psaila in memory of his father
    • Recordings of Lino Psaila
  • 21:00
    • Stage Entertainment
    • Interview with Ms Psaila about Marsaxlokk and life in the past with the village dialect
  • 22:00
    • Stage Entertainment
    • Interview with Fishermen from Marsaxlokk